The Sierpc Region lies within the boundaries of the Sierpc poviat situated in the north-western part of the Mazovia Province. 
This area consists of seven communities, including six rural ones – Sierpc, Mochowo, Gozdowo, Rościszewo, Szczutowo, and Zawidz, and one urban community – the Town of Sierpc, the capital of the poviat and the seat of the Poviat Authorities (Starostwo Powiatowe). 
The Sierpc Region is adjacent to the poviats of Płock, Płońsk and Żuromin of the Mazovia Province and the poviats of Lipno and Rypin  of Kujawy and Pomerania Province. 
Important communication routes, both road and rail, go through the poviat, which makes Sierpc a key regional and national junction. The town is situated by the national road No 10 and by the provincial roads Nos 541 and 560, 40 km away of Płock, 125 km away of Warsaw and 85 km away of Toruń where A1 motorway begins in the north-south direction. 
In future, an S10 expressway is planned to be built in the southern part of the town, as well as about 3 km long ringroad to relieve congestion in the centre. 
The Sierpc poviat with its 3109 registered business entities ranks 35 among all poviats of the Mazovia Province. 
The businesses are mainly concentrated in the Town of Sierpc (1680), while in the Sierpc community there are 377 businesses, in Zawidz community 267, in Mochowo community 238, in Gozdowo community 227, in Szczutowo community 167, and in Rościszewo community 153. 
As much as 93.5% of the businesses located in the Sierpc poviat are entities employing up to 9 people. 
What is interesting about the rural Sierpc Region, agriculture, forestry and fishery stand for as little as 7.67% of the regional economy. Apart from the agricultural produce processing, the following sectors are also present in the region: trade (32.49%), construction (12.50%) and others, such as timber processing, textiles, high technologies or machine construction. It proves that the business activities in the Sierpc Region are highly developed. 
The most eminent business entities on the economic map of the poviat are Browar Kasztelan (brewery) owned by Carlsberg Polska S.A., Cargill Polska S.A. (international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services), Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsa “Olewnik” (meat processing plant), Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Sierpc (dairy cooperative), and other companies such as  ZPCiAC “Wiepol”, GMN “Techmet”, PHU Budomex, PUP Budexpol Sp. z o.o., PPHUiT Marter, Góreccy sp. jw., and PPHU RUSTIKAL. 
While describing the Sierpc Region, its ecological character should be stressed. Neither the construction of industrial plants, nor the implementation of major investment projects in this area, as well as good road infrastructure, have spoilt the local natural environment. This is an important asset not only for the development of „green” agriculture and the production of slow food, but also for the agri-tourism. 
The Sierpc region is covered in almost 14% by forests stretched between six rivers and around three lakes. Its central location and convenient access, its healthy climate as well as its natural, architectural and historical attractions along with an interesting educational proposals prepared by an open-air ethnographic museum – The Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc – have a large tourist potential. 
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